I really apologise for the delay in the trailer, and the fact there was no production notes, as I was sick on both occasions. In the recent weeks, my series has hit the rocks, and I have made some severe changes.

  • The series is now 7 episodes, with all of them to go out in early 2014.
  • The writer of episode 4 has had to drop out due to other commitments, while the episode 3 writer is still in this project.
  • I will only be writing 3 episodes.
  • Three more writers are needed.
  • Anybody willing to help out, just say in the comments section.
After cancelling the planned episode 1 prequel, I decided to make a 'trailer' of sorts to post instead. Here it is, with scenes from episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and, a sneaky peak at episode 10!

Here it is!



((The Doctor looks out of a suburban house window))
((Sarah looks out onto a shipwreck))
((Octopus-humanoid man with ninja clothes kneels over coffin with words: ‘John Smith’ engraved on it))
((Dalek slowly comes round stone-wall corner))


((The Doctor: You must be Mr. Chicken. Hello!))
((Sarah: (Voice over) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Picture of Doctor Falls to ground before getting trampled over by many metal feet.)))
((A criminal is sitting in a glass box in orange prison uniform. In a manic voice, he says: You're all going to die soon!))
((Doctor fiddles with TARDIS controls.
Doctor: “Yeah. Normal suburban part of London didn't feel like a normal suburban part of London”))
((Victorian-dressed people run screaming from a town hall
Wallace: It’s not supernatural!))
((Wallace is standing on podium saying: “It’s a disease!”))
((Snaker (voice over; in creepy voice): Hello, child (Sarah hides behind
wall) Are you ready for testing?))
((Sarah: Never! (She spins round, with a rifle at hand)


((Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and the octopus-man (Snaker) from
earlier all flash by on screen))


((The Doctor and Sarah both raise their fists))


((Zygon army advances on TARDIS))
((Doctor (backed against TARDIS): Well, this’ll be fun!))

I'll post 5 synopses tonight as well! You've struck the jackpot today!

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I haven't been able to do much writing, and haven't got a prequel ready! It was meant to go up on Christmas Eve, but never did. I do apologize for this setback, and as a replacement, I will make a 'trailer' of sorts.

Basically, I will just write a script of a trailer, and will include episodes 1 - 5.

This, if all goes to plan, will be up for the first day of 2013, when I will get back to my writing!

Here's our 3rd Saturday update:

  • The number of episodes is now 10.
  • The series will be split. Five episodes in Autumn 2013, another 5 in early 2014.
  • Four episodes are still open for writers.
  • The prequel will go up on December 24th.
  • As well as the prequel for episode 1, a mini-synopsis for episode 1 will be released!
  • A poll has been uploaded on the Comments page. 
  • The monster for episode 5 will be explained soon.
In order to get more votes on my poll, I would ask that everyone who visits the website votes on my recent poll, which will decide the colour my new Daleks will be.
I'll be posting many polls there, so they'll not always be about Daleks and episodes.

It's been confirmed that the title for episode one's prequel will be revealed tonight! I'll be revealing it at about 10pm, so make sure you see it as soon as it goes up.

As a special treat, the members of doctorwhotv.co.uk will find out the title a little before this website. If you want to find it, go to http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/fan-fic, and look at the newest comments.

Here's a teaser of it: *** ********** ****.

UPDATE: The title of prequel 01 has been revealed as....:


Also, here is episode 1's title......


This information will be added to the 'Information' and 'Episodes' pages just now.

I apologise for forgetting about the poll, but I will leave it open another few hours. You've got till 8pm tonight, then the poll will close, and a returning monster will be decided, with the results being announced later.

So get voting!



Here are the results of the poll, in ascending order:

5. The Mara

The Mara lost the vote with 0% of the vote.

4. The Sea Devils

The Sea Devils drew with the 4th place result at 9.1% of the vote.

4. The Sontarans

The Sontarans came joint 4th with 9.1%.

3. The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors lost out with 18.2% of the vote.

2. Other Answers

The Sensorites, Haemovores and Osirians all failed to succeed with 27.3% of the overall result.

1. The Zygons

The Zygons succeeded, and will feature in the series finale, with 36.4%.

So the Zygons will definitely be in this series' finale. The next poll will be up on Sunday.
A new page called 'Production Notes' has been uploaded, and I'll be adding extra additions to the 'Discussion' page.
The site may be taken offline for a day or two, but it might not. So if the site isn't the same, assume I've taken it down for a few days.
Other than that, everything's normal. 

Due to there being no comments when I first posted this article, I've decided to re-post it so the poll can actually be voted on.

I've decided to bring back a classic monster in the series, and want YOU to decide which one.

You've got until next Monday to vote, so get polling!


As the episode 1 prequel is coming up for Christmas, I've decided to give some info on the episode, which will tease on what's to come...

  • The Daleks and Davros feature.
  • It will be written in Chapters.
  • The episode will be uploaded in August 2013, to make way for an Anniversary special on November 23rd.
  • The episode sees the extinct Daleks revived by an insane alien.
  • It is mainly set on Skaro, but also has snippets on other worlds and times.
  • The prequel is set entirely on Skaro.
  • The episode is a real turning point for the Daleks, and brings back their fear factor.
  • No more 'Power Ranger Daleks'.
  • New colours, new personalities.