In order to get more votes on my poll, I would ask that everyone who visits the website votes on my recent poll, which will decide the colour my new Daleks will be.
I'll be posting many polls there, so they'll not always be about Daleks and episodes.

Due to there being no comments when I first posted this article, I've decided to re-post it so the poll can actually be voted on.

I've decided to bring back a classic monster in the series, and want YOU to decide which one.

You've got until next Monday to vote, so get polling!


In honour of Doctor Who's 49th anniversary, I have decided to bring back a classic monster, and am allowing YOU to decide which one.

You may want to see the Ice Warriors return, or maybe the Yeti? But there's no options, just your decision.

To vote, just use the contact form, or comment below, and I'll add up the votes soon. I'll be taking your thoughts for a good two weeks, so get in contact soon!