I really apologise for the delay in the trailer, and the fact there was no production notes, as I was sick on both occasions. In the recent weeks, my series has hit the rocks, and I have made some severe changes.

  • The series is now 7 episodes, with all of them to go out in early 2014.
  • The writer of episode 4 has had to drop out due to other commitments, while the episode 3 writer is still in this project.
  • I will only be writing 3 episodes.
  • Three more writers are needed.
  • Anybody willing to help out, just say in the comments section.
Here's our 3rd Saturday update:

  • The number of episodes is now 10.
  • The series will be split. Five episodes in Autumn 2013, another 5 in early 2014.
  • Four episodes are still open for writers.
  • The prequel will go up on December 24th.
  • As well as the prequel for episode 1, a mini-synopsis for episode 1 will be released!
  • A poll has been uploaded on the Comments page. 
  • The monster for episode 5 will be explained soon.
Here's a round-up of all the new information for the series:

  • A new website page called 'Information' will be created today, and will feature a big round up of information that we've got so far. It will make it easier to find out about what you need to find.
  • Episode 4 is currently in the writing stage.
  • Episode 1 is about to enter the writing stage.
  • The Daleks will feature in an episode, which will explore how they first began...
  • ...the title is quite obvious.
  • The Weeping Angels are also set to appear, while the Cybermen will make an appearance.
  • Series 2 will feature a different Doctor, who is also a very dark character.
  • The secondary characters page will see it's first addition, as two characters from episode 1 are added very soon.
  • A 2007 episode of Doctor Who sees a sequel.
  • While a Steven Moffat monster returns, and it's not one you'd expect.

The episodes page has now been updated, and some writers are confirmed.

The Eleventh Hour, me, is currently writing 4 episodes (101, 102, 105 and 112)
Time Lord Victorious, will be writing episode 3
Edoe 101, is writing episode 4

Also today, a sub-page for secondary characters will be added around four, five o'clock. It will include any one-story characters, or recurring characters who aren't regulars.

Earlier today, I read the first uncompleted draft of episode 4, chapter 1. Here's a snippet:

“Yes. I’ve locked on to the target”
“Good. Shoot at the crystal,” said Traice, the mission controller. Agent Class was ready.  He was stood on top of a cliff near cheddar gorge. There was a tall metal clad five story building, stood on top of a rocky cliff face. Class had had to sneak through many dark corridors, carved in to the mountain. He had finally arrived on the rooftop, where a large metal machine, with wires spiraling everywhere. There was the central unit, with four small towers branching off. There was a crystal in a reinforced glass case that was fixed in to the main unit.

The title of episode 4 will be revealed sometime soon, so suggest some ideas in the comments.