I apologise for forgetting about the poll, but I will leave it open another few hours. You've got till 8pm tonight, then the poll will close, and a returning monster will be decided, with the results being announced later.

So get voting!



Here are the results of the poll, in ascending order:

5. The Mara

The Mara lost the vote with 0% of the vote.

4. The Sea Devils

The Sea Devils drew with the 4th place result at 9.1% of the vote.

4. The Sontarans

The Sontarans came joint 4th with 9.1%.

3. The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors lost out with 18.2% of the vote.

2. Other Answers

The Sensorites, Haemovores and Osirians all failed to succeed with 27.3% of the overall result.

1. The Zygons

The Zygons succeeded, and will feature in the series finale, with 36.4%.

So the Zygons will definitely be in this series' finale. The next poll will be up on Sunday.

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