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UPDATE: Unfortunately, comments aren't working for some reason, and I'll try to solve this problem as soon as possible.
UPDATE 2: Comments are working on the 'Information' page, but not on the blog pages.
UPDATE 3: A new page will be added for discussion, and comments will be removed from the 'Information' page. I apologise for the confusion.
It has been confirmed that a prequel for episode 1 of Series One will be written for Christmas 2012, by me, The Eleventh Hour. It will see the events before the story, and sees the return of an old enemy (confirmed in the monsters page).

The prequel will be 1500 words, and should be the equivalent of 5 or 6 pages on Microsoft Word (size 12).

Hopefully it will be up in late December 2012, but it may go on later, if my schedule doesn't comply.

Another prequel may also be made for episode 5, but it isn't anywhere near confirmed.

That's all for now.
The website has had a makeover! A new format has been added, and the pages look a bit different. Everything else is the same, and the pages have the same purpose they had before.

One question: do you like it? Comment below, and all thoughts will be taken in.
Here's a round-up of all the new information for the series:

  • A new website page called 'Information' will be created today, and will feature a big round up of information that we've got so far. It will make it easier to find out about what you need to find.
  • Episode 4 is currently in the writing stage.
  • Episode 1 is about to enter the writing stage.
  • The Daleks will feature in an episode, which will explore how they first began...
  • ...the title is quite obvious.
  • The Weeping Angels are also set to appear, while the Cybermen will make an appearance.
  • Series 2 will feature a different Doctor, who is also a very dark character.
  • The secondary characters page will see it's first addition, as two characters from episode 1 are added very soon.
  • A 2007 episode of Doctor Who sees a sequel.
  • While a Steven Moffat monster returns, and it's not one you'd expect.

Here's some teasers for the episodes of series one. They'll be uploaded to the individual episode pages.

1. Books aren't books at all
2. 'They took the ******.'
3. The Conservatives should've campaigned more.
4. Facebook gone wild.
5. snow, Snow, SNOW!!!!!!
6. The Fog makes an appearance.
7. They're so hungry.
8. An SJA monster makes an appearance.
9. The eyes are the windows to the soul. The truth lies inside them.
10. Don't let the janitor in.
11. Silence didn't fall.
12. The Doctor makes a fatal mistake.

Interpret them as you wish.

In other news, here is a teaser of episode 4's title: I***n**y

More news tomorrow on our weekly Saturday update.

In honour of Doctor Who's 49th anniversary, I have decided to bring back a classic monster, and am allowing YOU to decide which one.

You may want to see the Ice Warriors return, or maybe the Yeti? But there's no options, just your decision.

To vote, just use the contact form, or comment below, and I'll add up the votes soon. I'll be taking your thoughts for a good two weeks, so get in contact soon!
The episodes page has now been updated, and some writers are confirmed.

The Eleventh Hour, me, is currently writing 4 episodes (101, 102, 105 and 112)
Time Lord Victorious, will be writing episode 3
Edoe 101, is writing episode 4

Also today, a sub-page for secondary characters will be added around four, five o'clock. It will include any one-story characters, or recurring characters who aren't regulars.

Earlier today, I read the first uncompleted draft of episode 4, chapter 1. Here's a snippet:

“Yes. I’ve locked on to the target”
“Good. Shoot at the crystal,” said Traice, the mission controller. Agent Class was ready.  He was stood on top of a cliff near cheddar gorge. There was a tall metal clad five story building, stood on top of a rocky cliff face. Class had had to sneak through many dark corridors, carved in to the mountain. He had finally arrived on the rooftop, where a large metal machine, with wires spiraling everywhere. There was the central unit, with four small towers branching off. There was a crystal in a reinforced glass case that was fixed in to the main unit.

The title of episode 4 will be revealed sometime soon, so suggest some ideas in the comments.
Here's our first weekly update:

  • The website has gone live!
  • The series will have 12 episodes, each standalone.
  • The Head Writer, me, will be writing 5 of the 12 episodes.
  • Two other writers have already joined the team, and are currently planning their stories, episodes 3 and 4.
  • Some hints and teasers for the series will be uploaded very soon!
  • The pages for 'Secondary Characters', and 'Monsters & Villains' are going live as soon as possible.
  • A 50th Anniversary special is on the cards.
  • A second series is already possible, but will be very different to series one.

That's all for this week, more news on the 24th.
Welcome to the Dark Side of the Doctor series! This series is an adaptation of the BBC1 hit show, Doctor Who, and sees a whole new side to the Doctor.

This website is easy to get around, and will be updated as often as possible. I, the creator and author, will add a weekly update onto the website ever Saturday, just to compile all the confirmations we've got so far.

So we've got the Home page, Episodes, Characters, Contact Us, and the Latest News page. Here's a guide to what you''ll find on each part of the website:

HOME: The base of the website.
EPISODES: Information and story details will be posted in this tab, and will be where to go for all information on the episodes in production.
CHARACTERS: This is the hot spot for all things about characters. Very soon, I'll add a sub-page, where I'll include minor characters in each of the episodes. Already added is the Main Characters page.
CONTACT US:  If you have any ideas for the series, or want to ask some questions, or maybe even write for the series, just contact me via the form on the page, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
LATEST NEWS: Where you'll find out anything new, and see teasers for all the episodes. As I already said, I'll update this page on a regular basis.

Well, this is it! I'll add the next update soon!