I apologise for forgetting about the poll, but I will leave it open another few hours. You've got till 8pm tonight, then the poll will close, and a returning monster will be decided, with the results being announced later.

So get voting!



Here are the results of the poll, in ascending order:

5. The Mara

The Mara lost the vote with 0% of the vote.

4. The Sea Devils

The Sea Devils drew with the 4th place result at 9.1% of the vote.

4. The Sontarans

The Sontarans came joint 4th with 9.1%.

3. The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors lost out with 18.2% of the vote.

2. Other Answers

The Sensorites, Haemovores and Osirians all failed to succeed with 27.3% of the overall result.

1. The Zygons

The Zygons succeeded, and will feature in the series finale, with 36.4%.

So the Zygons will definitely be in this series' finale. The next poll will be up on Sunday.
A new page called 'Production Notes' has been uploaded, and I'll be adding extra additions to the 'Discussion' page.
The site may be taken offline for a day or two, but it might not. So if the site isn't the same, assume I've taken it down for a few days.
Other than that, everything's normal. 

Due to there being no comments when I first posted this article, I've decided to re-post it so the poll can actually be voted on.

I've decided to bring back a classic monster in the series, and want YOU to decide which one.

You've got until next Monday to vote, so get polling!


As the episode 1 prequel is coming up for Christmas, I've decided to give some info on the episode, which will tease on what's to come...

  • The Daleks and Davros feature.
  • It will be written in Chapters.
  • The episode will be uploaded in August 2013, to make way for an Anniversary special on November 23rd.
  • The episode sees the extinct Daleks revived by an insane alien.
  • It is mainly set on Skaro, but also has snippets on other worlds and times.
  • The prequel is set entirely on Skaro.
  • The episode is a real turning point for the Daleks, and brings back their fear factor.
  • No more 'Power Ranger Daleks'.
  • New colours, new personalities.
I've now added comments to the blog posts! I'll add them to all the older posts, so you can comment there.

If you'd like to contact me via Disqus, my name is currently The Forty-Ninth Hour, but I will be back to The Eleventh Hour soon.

So, have fun with the comments, but any rude or unnecessary comments will be deleted and you'll possibly be be banned from the website (it's unlikely though).

All for now :)

UPDATE: Unfortunately, comments aren't working for some reason, and I'll try to solve this problem as soon as possible.
UPDATE 2: Comments are working on the 'Information' page, but not on the blog pages.
UPDATE 3: A new page will be added for discussion, and comments will be removed from the 'Information' page. I apologise for the confusion.
It has been confirmed that a prequel for episode 1 of Series One will be written for Christmas 2012, by me, The Eleventh Hour. It will see the events before the story, and sees the return of an old enemy (confirmed in the monsters page).

The prequel will be 1500 words, and should be the equivalent of 5 or 6 pages on Microsoft Word (size 12).

Hopefully it will be up in late December 2012, but it may go on later, if my schedule doesn't comply.

Another prequel may also be made for episode 5, but it isn't anywhere near confirmed.

That's all for now.
The website has had a makeover! A new format has been added, and the pages look a bit different. Everything else is the same, and the pages have the same purpose they had before.

One question: do you like it? Comment below, and all thoughts will be taken in.
Here's a round-up of all the new information for the series:

  • A new website page called 'Information' will be created today, and will feature a big round up of information that we've got so far. It will make it easier to find out about what you need to find.
  • Episode 4 is currently in the writing stage.
  • Episode 1 is about to enter the writing stage.
  • The Daleks will feature in an episode, which will explore how they first began...
  • ...the title is quite obvious.
  • The Weeping Angels are also set to appear, while the Cybermen will make an appearance.
  • Series 2 will feature a different Doctor, who is also a very dark character.
  • The secondary characters page will see it's first addition, as two characters from episode 1 are added very soon.
  • A 2007 episode of Doctor Who sees a sequel.
  • While a Steven Moffat monster returns, and it's not one you'd expect.

Here's some teasers for the episodes of series one. They'll be uploaded to the individual episode pages.

1. Books aren't books at all
2. 'They took the ******.'
3. The Conservatives should've campaigned more.
4. Facebook gone wild.
5. snow, Snow, SNOW!!!!!!
6. The Fog makes an appearance.
7. They're so hungry.
8. An SJA monster makes an appearance.
9. The eyes are the windows to the soul. The truth lies inside them.
10. Don't let the janitor in.
11. Silence didn't fall.
12. The Doctor makes a fatal mistake.

Interpret them as you wish.

In other news, here is a teaser of episode 4's title: I***n**y

More news tomorrow on our weekly Saturday update.

In honour of Doctor Who's 49th anniversary, I have decided to bring back a classic monster, and am allowing YOU to decide which one.

You may want to see the Ice Warriors return, or maybe the Yeti? But there's no options, just your decision.

To vote, just use the contact form, or comment below, and I'll add up the votes soon. I'll be taking your thoughts for a good two weeks, so get in contact soon!